About Us

We are a family of five on the journey to ‘the good life’, in the most compassionate way possible…

There’s me (L), my husband (M) and our 3 lovely daughters. N (7yo), M (3yo) and R (1yo). There is also our crazy, old, German Shorthaired Pointer dog, Marley (10, but acts like an overgrown puppy!) and our stunning, white cat, Luna (3).

We purchased a beautiful and completely derelict barn after falling in love (at first site, absolutely!), and the fact it had 3.5 acres attached for my personal dream of rescuing animals and growing our own, was just an absolute bonus!

It’s of huge importance to us as a family, to live as ethically and eco friendly as possible. Whilst we realise we are just one family, we strongly believe that every little helps on the scale of trying to save our earth, and combatting climate change.

We believe strongly in the ethos of permaculture, and much of our build and land will follow the permaculture ideas, which are basically just to cycle everything in life. Everything has a use, everything supports something else…

Please follow our journey either via our blog here, our instagram account or our facebook page.

For any enquiries regarding taking in animals, please fill in our contact form on the contact page.


L xxx