Delayed updating…


Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry about the delay in updates here on the blog. I’m a lot more up to date on Instagram, so if anyone misses anything, please head over there, there’s at least one post a day, generally.

Soooo many things are happening. The sunnier weather has kicked things into action, full force, and we don’t seem to ever stop. It’s great to feel that physical exhaustion at the end of every day and know it’s because you worked your arse off getting important things done, that will pay off infinitely in the future.

1. The Polytunnel 

We finally got this little piece of heaven up and running! It may have been the most stressful week of my husband’s life, but it is up! It also has doors, but I don’t have an updated photo haha! One day we may also get the irrigation system set up too ha!

2. The Fruit Cage

A work in progress πŸ˜‚. We are getting there. One day. Maybe. It will eventually be up and beautiful, but things keep taking priority over it. Like…

3. Chickens

Lots and lots of chickens! We have the 4 Black Copper Marans, 3 mixed breed that we took in from a friend’s mum, and we recently rescued 29 from a lady who had been told her land had been sold from under her and she had to rehome them quickly. There are 21 ex battery hens (who are as cheeky as anything!), 5 beautiful Buff Orpington’s, and 3 very very cute, pekin bantam cockerels. I swear they are some of the cutest, little things I’ve ever seen in my life! So, we currently have a chuck head count of 36, and have 4 Araucanas, 4 Cream Legbars, 4 Silved Laced Wyandottes due to join us over summer AND we have our first hatch going on with 12 mixed Maran eggs in the incy! (Due date is the 17th March!) They’re a mixture of Blue Copper Maran, Black Copper Maran, Wheaten Maran and Cuckoo Maran. I figure I’ll probably get a lot of questions regarding doing hatching as I rescue, but I would never hatch without intending to keep whatever came out of those eggs. Full stop. The chickens above all else I’m taking on here, have become a real joy, interest and hobby for me. Oh and also on the clucker front (sorry, just remembered!), we have agreed to take on 13 cockerel chicks that were cast aways from a school breeding project! Not sure on their arrival date yet, but I will keep everyone updated. I’ll be looking for homes for them when they’re a little older (UK), so if you’re interested, please message me. We are pretty easy to find on Facebook and Instagram

Please note: For all enquiries we will require information of where you plan to keep any animals we rehome to you.

4. Goats and Ducks


These guys popped up, also desperately needing a home after their owners were given 7 weeks until their home would be demolished! 5 ducks and 3 goats to be exact. They arrive this Sunday! We have finished their enclosure fencing, and are just awaiting the arrival of a new, goat shed!

6. Pigs

I’m sure you all remember the Kune Kune Pigs we are giving a home to? You may be wondering why they still haven’t arrived yet. The simple answer is: Avian Flu.

Pigs are susceptible to getting avian flu, and therefore movement was restricted originally, and although the bird flu regs have been lifted slightly where we are, we are VERY close to a risk area. The lady who has these pigs loves them so much, and would rather not risk moving them while there’s still a risk around. And we both agree. If they were coming from an awful place and needed a home asap or something worse would happen, we would have taken them in and risked the move, but we are fortunate that they’re safer where they are for now.

7. Fence Posts

I am now Wonder Woman, and don’t you ever forget it haha! No one tells you, when you dream of ‘the good life’, that it will involve whacking in a gazillion fence posts by hand! But alas, it does. And I shall have muscles like Arnie at the height of his bodybuilding career… maybe.

8. The Park

Mart built the kids their park! We no longer have day long arguments with the kids about spending time outside so we are able to get jobs done. They actually WANT to be outside. It’s a miracle! Of course the sunshine helps too, but gosh, give a kid a swing and they’ll… go outside happily for life?

9. The Growing

Ahhhh, hello spring! The growing season has begun!

I have salad leaves, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, celery, sweet corn, herbs, pumpkin, squash, courgette, chillis, onion, garlic, carrots, beetroot and more all sowed and starting to grow!

We also have blueberry bushes and grape vines in the polytunnel. The blueberries are doing great, the grape vines are still playing dead! (apparently this is normal?!)…

Since I last posted, I’ve planted another 86 trees. All will produce edibles! We have added 16 Apple Trees, 10 Pear Trees, 10 Cherry Trees and 50 Edible Hedging Trees (Elder, Hazel, Sweet Chestnut, Crab Apple, Cherry Plum). And again, I reiterate, I will have muscles like Arnie lol!

I have done my first, outdoor bed. It has my garlic, some onions and some carrots in, a long with marigolds that were started a couple of weeks ago, so they’re already starting to poke through. I’m all about the companion planting method to keep away pests. 

10. The Herb Spiral

Like the good, little, permaculture student I am, I LOVE the herb spiral idea. Creating the perfect living environment for all of your herbs, in one area?! Genius! You plant the herbs that need less water and more drainage up at the top, and the ones that prefer a damper environment down at the bottom… I built this beauty today, with broken bricks from the barn… I’m very proud of it, and I love that it’s barn bricks too! I’m excited to get some beautiful herbs added in over the next few months!

11. The Barn

We finally have a new layout in place that the architect came up with, that we absolutely LOVE! It really works with our love of open plan living. We get a lovely, double height, open vaulted lounge area. It’s my dream to come downstairs to a HUGE, real Christmas tree in the lounge, and stockings hung on a fireplace… that should become reality! The architect will submit it back to planning shortly, and fingers crossed it gets accepted! Then we can move on to getting the detailed drawings done for building regulations, who make sure it’s safe to build, and then… BUILD TIME.

In the meantime, we have had to get roofers in to remove the tiles for 2 reasons. Firstly, safety! They just kept sliding off. And secondly, money! We have to use the original materials where possible, and every time one of those lovely tiles went smash, it was like waving bye bye to a handful of cash lol!

Now we have a nice stash of reclaimed tiles and bricks, our store looks like a reclamation yard haha! It’s nice to have a good amount of materials to start with though.


So now I’m trying to think if I’ve missed anything major. I probably have, it’s one of the unfortunate parts of choosing to enter into my head… memory loss and utter chaos!! 

If I remember anything, I’ll be sure to update again…

… in a few months πŸ˜‚.

If you’ve made it this far, go reward yourself with a glass of wine. Or coffee, if, like me you woke up at 1am paranoid you’d forgotten to check something on the incubator, then couldn’t get back to sleep. Followed by your 3 year old waking up at 3am because of a bad dream… 

2 coffees in at 3.20am. My nose will be buzzing by 5am haha!

Have a good day everyone.

L xxx

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