An apple tree a day…

Or, more accurately 3 apple trees and 6 plum trees.
Today we started one of my most exciting plans… The orchard!!

The area where the chickens are currently is the orchard area, as I wanted the chickens free to range around the lovely trees (once they are allowed back out!!).


I plan to order some more this evening!! I want cherries, nectarines and well… ALL OF THE FRUIT TREES!! Haha!
I’m just hoping they settle in to their new positions happily now.

I also managed to get 36 strawberry root plants in, and mulch around them with straw. I wouldn’t usually mulch with straw, but we happen to have quite a bit going spare around here, so waste not, want not…
I also realise that today was probably not the best day to plant my strawb roots, but they arrived with the other fruit bushes and trees and if I didn’t plant them, they would most definitely have died! Also taking a major risk with the amount of birds around here that they’re in before the fruit cage has arrived, but hey ho! Everyday’s a school day right?! Haha!


On another note, Martin has been chugging away to get the fencing and gate done. He’s doing great! We were pushing forward with the pig enclosure, but now due to the defra regs, an bird flu outbreak near us, and the fact that pigs can be affected and therefore cannot be moved, we have had to postpone… very sadly! But their health is most important…

Quick post, but I am absolutely exhausted from all of the fruit planting today. I’ve had a hot shower and a hot meal, and now I’m going to try and stay awake past 7pm so I can pretend I’m cooler than I am… ha!


Have a great evening all!

L xxx

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