Great news!


A short, but very sweet post…

We have chosen our architect!!!

* does a happy dance *

We interviewed 4, and it didn’t take long to cut down to our 2 favourites, mainly based on 2 highly important values to us. Conservation and building an eco friendly home in as sustainable a way as possible.

We originally said the decision would be made from that point based on money, however, we both knew which one we wanted out of the two, and of course, it was the more expensive of the two, haha!

We didn’t have too many choices really, we have a limited budget, and the difference between £26k and £8.5k is massive, so we had decided to go with the cheaper of the two, who is also a fantastic architect!

We couldn’t help feeling slightly disheartened though. Choosing an architect is somewhat similar to choosing a house or an animal friend… you get a feeling when it’s the right one. 

Lucky for us, when I emailed the architect we really both wanted, to let him down because of the financial side, he got back to us with a lower figure. M then called him and had a great conversation where we discovered he also got a great feel for the project and said he admired who we were as people and a family too. We came to an affordable fee together, and we are happy to report, we have THE perfect architect for us now…

And we are both so, unbelievably excited again. It’s sort of put the excitement back into the renovation side of the dream. We’ve spent the last month trying to focus on the land to give me something to pick me up after the loss of our son, and now, this has really brought the excitement back to the barn.

So, watch this space! I cannot wait to see what we can come up with, along with our perfect architect.

L xxx

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