Baby got [feathered] back.


The maran chickens we have given a home are here and settled nicely…

Say hello to these gorgeous ladies!

We picked up 7 Black Copper Marans who weren’t suitable for the breeding programme they were from. We are keeping 4 and 3 are going to our lovely friends.

I can’t even explain how obsessed I am with these gorgeous girls. It’s just so wonderful to sit with them and watch them plod around, pecking and rummaging… amazing.

I now feel like we need all of the chickens haha! We need to build an extra large, chicken mansion to house the amount that my heart wants.

Watch this space!

The days have not been too calm though. We had spent ages attaching temporary roofing with tie wraps and bricks, and then we got 40mph winds that ripped it straight off!! While trying to fix it, I nearly got a brick in the face (the wind was THAT strong), and almost flew off a ladder!

We decided at that point that roofing felt and nails were the way forward!

So today, on this beautifully sunny, winter day, we nailed on the roof (with around 500000 nails, just to be safe haha!).

We’ve also whacked in a few fence posts. We are trying to get the pig enclosure fence done soon so we can bring home our pigs! On that note, I just wanted to write about how wonderful the lady is who needs a home for her pigs. This poor lady loves these pigs like family, but unfortunately her other pigs are attacking this particular litter! It’s so important to her that her babies go to good, honest homes. These are the kind of people that I really respect. It must be so hard to trust that people won’t hurt them. We intend to give them the best life we can.

I think that’s about it for now folks. Other than working through desensitising the dog to the chucks by taking him in the run with me, not much else is happening here…

Oh wait! It is!! I keep forgetting. We have been meeting with numerous architects in an attempt to find the right fit for us. The Barn did come with planning for a 7 bedroomed house, however, we have discovered many issues with the measurements and such that were apparently false, so we are starting from scratch. 

We’ve met with 4 now, and have lowered it to being between 2, but they were both fantastic. Both strongly believe in the conservation of the building and also the eco side of the build. I guess it will come down to finances!

Watch this space.

Have a lovely evening everyone. I’m off to watch crappy Saturday night TV with a glass of red.

L xxx

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