We’ve had a busy few days here at the smallholding…(and muddy!)

Firstly, our new pig ark arrived, to start off the pig enclosure for our soon to be adopted Kune Kune’s… I absolutely love the Solway design for the pig arks.

The fencing should hopefully be going up this week (praying that the ground isn’t too hard!).

And on the note of the fencing, that arrived this morning too. It feels like we have a million deliveries a day at the moment, but I guess this eventually settles a little as you have everything you need.

Another development to update everyone on is the adoption of 4 Black Copper Maran chickens. These beautiful ladies were being bumped from a breeding programme as their eggs weren’t quite dark enough. I’ll update with more photos tomorrow, but they only got here late so they went straight into the coop, closed up for the night. They did however leave a lovely present for my 7 year old to bring me excitedly… an egg!

I don’t know about you, but their eggs look stunning to me! 💛

I’m trying to remember the many things that have happened over the last few days, but my brain is fried from a very long day with a very risk taking toddler! The kind that will not only climb on something, but will climb on something, stand on it, find a sharp object and bounce at the same time. Exhausted doesn’t even come close! Haha!

Oh, I remembered another exciting purchase… a polytunnel! We always knew we would get one, but it was the polytunnel vs. greenhouse debate for the first season here on the smallholding… the polytunnel won as our ground isn’t level enough for a greenhouse yet, and then there’s all the panels and everything. I’m hoping the erecting of the poly will be relatively easy, though I’m definitely waiting till this freak wind has gone away. I’m not sure the next village over fancies a stray polythene cover smothering it!

I think that’s it for now! Haha! I’m sure I’ll post and immediately remember something.

Have a good evening all.

L xxx

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