Patricia the strimmer…


What can I say, I’m a Chris De Burgh fan! Haha! (A reference to the title of this post, in case you’ve  not got a clue what I’m on about, lol).

Anyway, I finally have a rare, quiet moment to sit down with the laptop. With 3 children, the youngest of who is on a constant mission to injure herself in every way possible, it is almost unheard of!

Progression is happening here on the homestead/smallholding/farm/grassy wreckage, whatever you want to call it.
We have ordered a lovely, recycled plastic, pig ark from Solway Recycling, which is pretty exciting! There’s something comforting about purchasing something new that comes from something old, particularly when you’re trying not to buy new all the time, but you haven’t got a clue how to make one yourselves!
I do imagine that as we trudge through the homesteading life, we will learn how to make and build a million things, but currently we are still learning.

We have also ordered what we need to do the fencing ourselves. We originally looked at getting a company in to put it up for us, but with huge quotes of between £8k and £14k, we decided we would do it ourselves!! There’s a lot to do, but what’s the point in choosing this life if we just hire everyone in?! Alas, we have ordered tools and fencing, and will be found in our fields,  arguing over our attempts to whack in fence poles, next week.

Once we’ve managed to get the perimeter fencing up, we plan to order a load (hundreds), of edible tree saplings and bramble to place around the perimeter too.
We really want to fill the land with edible plants, and create food forests (a permaculture reference). Even if we don’t manage to use the produce, the wildlife will, and everything has a place. I’ll keep the wildlife happy with certain plants so they don’t eat my produce. I’m firmly against poisons and chemicals. Everything has its place in this world, and the natural cycle keeps things in check if you allow it to.

Oh, and, before I forget, I should probably add that we are spending today starting to strim down all of the long grass/weeds so we can lay the fence easily (reason for the title, slightly delayed lol)…

(N helping daddy!)

So yes, progress!
Have a good day guys.

L x

PS – Due to the extended DEFRA regulations because of bird flu, we wont be getting our ex batt’s on the 14th anymore. While we are a little sad, we understand it’s in the best interests of everyone for the rehoming to be delayed. We will bring in some rescued feather babies soon! x

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