Self doubt. It’s a killer, isnt it?


Self doubt. It’s that demon that creeps in to make you question that you’re capable of everything you’ve ever dreamed of… It makes you picture everything that could go wrong at a moment where everything is starting to go right.

Of course it is! (Sarcasm attached)

I’m so, very excited about everything that’s incoming. Animals, growing our own, fencing, architects. But I doubt I’d be human if I wasn’t starting to feel the anxieties creeping in…

– Can we do this?!

– Is this fence the right fence?!

– Is this architect the right architect?!

– Is this animal enclosure as perfect as it can be?!

– What if an animal escapes?!

– What if a fox gets in?!

– What if the feed isn’t the best available?!

– What if I don’t get enough compost?!

– What if mice eat through our cars?!

And on…

I’m anxious by nature, anxiety has lived with me (rent free) for a long time now, and for the majority I keep it at bay. So many big decisions has of course kicked it up a little again. I am of course, most anxious to keep our animal babies happy and healthy. The amount of research I’ve done into the best enclosures, feeds etc is enough to fry even the strongest of minds!

I know everything will come around and be absolutely fine in the end, and I suppose knowing that is what’s important. 

L xxx

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  1. I can relate to the anxiety living rent free statement, like it, it made me smile. I have a sense that everything will work out well for you, lift up the worry to a higher being who has a grander vantage point.

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