Planning the year… (the growing one)


Hi guys,

It’s that time of year where all of the growers and sowers plan out their veg beds, fruit bushes and see just how many packs of seeds they can fit into their lives! (A lot, usually!)

We have found a fantastic and local seed co-operative to order from this year (sorry Amazon!). It really is a focus of mine this year to keep things as local as possible.
We have ordered some edible hedging, some apple trees, plum trees, soft fruit bushes and potato tubers from a separate company, but everything else shall come from them.

I plan to keep everyone up to date on the planning and the growing as it happens. We will be using Charles Dowding’s ‘no dig’ method this time around, as well as permaculture principals for our entire 3.5acres AND the build.

The permaculture idea of everything having a continuous cycle, everything supporting everything else and everything having it’s use is absolutely what we believe as a family, and what we will try our best to uphold as we build and farm.

What are everyone elses growing plans for this year?

L x

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